Dil udas hai bohat koi paigham hi likh do 
Tum apna naam na likho, gum-naam hi likh do

Meri kismat mai gham-e- tanhai hai lekin 
Tamaam umr na likho, magar ek sham hi likh do

Zaroori nahi ke mil jaaye sakoon har kisi ko 
Sar-e- bazm na aao magar benaam hi likh do

Ye jaanta hoon ke umr bhar tanha mujhko rahna hai 
Magar pal do pal, ghari do ghari, mere naam hi likh do

Chalo hum maan lete hain ke saza ke mustahiq thehre hum 
Koi inaam na likho koi ilzaam hi likh do

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Life !!!

What you think is life???
having a house with child & wife?

No, life is in another place,
come with me I'll show you the face.

life is not about eating & fashion,
its about taking Inspiration,

Inspiration from tree,
which gave you shade for free.
Inspiration from an ant,
who never gave up & tried,
until she died.

we are happy by living for our self,
what about those who needs our help?

wasting money, food and water,
what about them,
who are under the sun,
because they don't have any shelter???

Life is a blank canvas,
and people are like color,
some will be permanent and clear,
some will become blur.

fill the canvas in a way,
so every one must say,

put colors of love & kindness,
so when you help people,
their soul will be the witness.

don't have expectation from the people you trust,
because expectation always hurts.

help poor, needy & orphans,
as GOD has given you,
more than your need,
without having any greed.

Paint the canvas with the color you have their,
so people thinks life is here, life is here....


(Sorry for grammatical mistakes :) )

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This poem is about my colleague sindhuja andey, Whom i told that i will write a poem on you in one hour, and publish on my blog..
So here i go............

If you will ask me who is beauty of Ecognosys,
I will tell you,
No one but Sindhu.

She is as innocent and simple,
same like her cute dimple.

When her long hair touches her ear,
Every one think life is their.

Beauty of monalisa fails,
when she smiles while installing Grails.

In May she got down with health,
i forgot then, how to breath.
i prayed to god to recover from that,
and make her healthy and fat.

Khubsurti aur saadgi ki ek misaal hai woh,
apni aankhon se diwana jo bana de aisa jaal hai woh.


(Sorry for grammatical mistakes :) )

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